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The ''Berliner Stadtmission''

Citizens of Berlin have always thought to be set apart: our city has the most theaters, pubs and dogs – but also the most problems.

People from different nations and cultures live and work in this megacity. Here life truly is great.

However, many people, too many, are left behind: many have to face unemployment, homelessness, hardships and personal crises, drugs and seduction. It is often difficult for young adults to find hope. The consequences are criminality, becoming the victims of unscrupulous sects or racist demagogues. Who is there to help those humans?

The people from the Berlin City Mission strongly believe that humans need love, that humans need contact to other humans and that humans need faith and trust. Especially they need God because He loves everyone in his or her unmistakable uniqueness. Trusting in God’s greatness we have hope when others abandon the cause. This is how faith, love and hope guide us, in the midst of all the variety of tasks, in our life, in our daily work and in our communication in the different churches and facilities, which are open to everybody. The people from the Berlin City Mission accomplish social and missionary work in a huge city and we support people pushed to the fringe of our society.

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