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Cooperations and sponsorship

Albrechtshof Hotels as part of the Berlin City Mission

The Albrechtshof Hotels are supported by the Berlin City Mission.

Now, one might ask what a city mission has to do with hotel business? Well, the answer is simple:
A great deal. 

The Berlin City Mission is engaged with numerous social projects. In order to help funding theses projects, the City Mission collaborates with companies generating revenues such as the Albrechtshof Hotels that have been part of the City Mission for more than 100 years.

A good deed in your sleep

By staying, meeting or dining at one of the Albrechtshof Hotels in Berlin or Wittenberg, you will support the City Mission and help continuing and expanding its social commitment, too.

More than just hotel industry

The Albrechtshof Hotels do not only focus on making profits in order to fund the City Mission's social commitments. Furthermore, we want to put into practice an operating model which focusses on the human being.

Thus, our guests are to find extensive and friendly service. Our employees will meet colleagues and supervisors that treat each other fairly and with respect and a business client will find a trustworthy partner in us.

We are looking forward to your visit as much as we are happy to contribute to the sedulous efforts the City Mission is ceaselessly undertaking - not only financially, but also by means our hotel's spirit.

old photograph of the Albrechtshof Hotel in Berlin-Mitte
Banner Berlin City Mission
Helping those in need - emergency shelter of the Berlin City Mission

Cooperations and sponsorship

Our holding company - Hospize-Betriebs-Gesellschaft mbH

Hospize-Betriebs-GmbH was founded in 1913. With the obtained surpluses, the oldest subsidiary of the Berlin City Mission is supporting its parent company. On this basis, the Hospize-Betriebs-GmbH was operating four hotels in Berlin until three of them fell victim to Wolrd War II (in 1945).

The premises where the oldest hospice ("Hospiz am Gendarmenmarkt" used to be, were expropriated in 1987 for the construction of the "Domhotel" which is now known as "HILTON Berlin" as part of the Hilton Hotels.

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