Philosophy of the Albrechtshof Hotels

Our values, goals and mission statement

Albrechtshof Hotels as being part of Berlin City Mission have formulated objectives and goals defining the way of working and dealing with co-workers as well as the manner of treating our guests.

Mission statements:
One of the Albrechtshof Hotels' major concerns is to treat one another with respect and dignity. We are trying to achieve this goal by paying attention to the indidvual and through personal conversations.

We consider ourselves a company of the presence that associates openly and honestly with its employees. Even beyond our scope of work, we are thus commited to improve social conditions.

      Our goals:

  • meet the highest quality standards expected from our guests
  • develop and reinforce teamwork
  • build and reassure trust and honesty among suppliers, cooperation partners and us
  • careful handling of materials and resources
  • fulfil given tasks in accordance with principles of environmental protection
  • Constant Output Optimization
  • solid knowledge of industry development, as well as social, economical and technical developments that affect our work
  • employee development
  • establish a positive and construktive working atmosphere

The City Mission's guiding principle


"Seek the welfare of the city and pray to the LORD on its behalf." Jeremia 29:7

 That is the Berlin City Mission's biblical guiding principle defining its work since its founding in 1877:

  • In God we trust, who faced us as Jesus Christ, trying to see people and creating relations from his perspective. In responsibility before God, we are developing our competences while constantly economizing our resources. Thus, Christian faith gives us courage to think and to take action beyond assumed boarders.

  • When we encounter people, we will identify their needs. We are convinced that every human being possesses an unimpeachable dignity. Therefore, we respect all people facing them with love. We critically and constitutively take up social challenges

  • We invite people to help them master concrete life situations. We campaign for people's well-being of body and soul. We detect potentials and provide support for people who dare the risk of a new start in order to gain more quality of life. We live hospitality, provide practical means to help others and encourage people to discover Christian faith.

  • We give people a home by living according to principles of a community. It is our wish that people feel at home or even find a new home with us. We are happy and overflowing with enthusiasm when people are able to find new hope. Thud, we will celebrate together creating a place to meet God.

The guiding principle of the Berlin City Mission was formulated in 2013and was adopted by the Mission's board of trustees. It is based on the Mission's motto: Seek the welfare of the city and pray to the LORD on its behalf. As framework of our daily work, this motto shall provide an orientation for the Mission's employees and administration, i.e. who we are and what we do. It shall also encourage others to become a member of the Berlin City Mission community.

Our employees and apprentices

Albrechtshof Hotels are more than just "standard" 3-star-superior-hotels.

Equipped with all modern conveniences and sustained by a qualified and experienced staff, we are proud of our excellent service and extraordinary corporate philosophy. Our hotel group has a long tradition and a very special character on account of our establishments, our employees and, of course, our guests.

As a company of Berlin's City Mission we focus on people as human beings - whether as our guests, our employees or our business partners. There is a high employee satisfaction; hence some of them have been working at our company for more than 30 years. We attach great importance to family friendliness, complying of resting time, fixed vacation schedules and flat hierarchies. Especially in times of fixed-term contracts and temporary employment agencies, we are proud to offer our employees standard wages and permanent positions.

We also set great value upon a qualified education. Our standards will prepare our apprentices for professional life since we put stress on promoting their individual as well as their professional development according to the Chamber of Industry and Commerce's framework curriculum. Our training managers will monitor the apprentice's period of stay at each of our departments. Once per quarter, we are organising our so-called 'Azubi-Tage' (Apprentice-days) where our apprentices are given the opportunity to translate their theoretical knowledge into practical experience. During these days, they will manage some of our subdivisions thus learning to assume responsibility for their own actions.

In addition, we offer practice-related trainings and seminars for our apprentices trying to ensure to facilitate their exam preparation. By means of engaging in social work, i.e. working at the Berlin City Mission's emergency shelter, our trainees' individual social skills are being encouraged. There are plans for our apprentices to work at our out-of-town establishments either Wittenberg or Berlin. In case of very good performance, our trainees are also given the opportunity to participate in an exchange with one of our partner hotels abroad.

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