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With 20,- € you can give a homeless person a safe place to sleep!

Provide warmth Berlin city mission

As a company of the Berlin City Mission, the Albrechtshof Hotels Group is supporting its parent company's valuable work with their revenues. And you have the opportunity to do good, too, by booking a room in one of our hotels directly via our hotline or homepage. With only 20,- € you can give a homeless person a warm place to sleep and a warm meal as well!

And the best part is doing good has never been that easy: When you book online via our homepage you can add the option to donate 20, - €. Thus, as a guest of the Albrechtshof Hotels you not only book a room for yourself, but also for a homeless person.

The option to donate is entirely voluntary. The donation proceeds will be passed on to the Berlin City Mission and a donation receipt will be provided. In the year 2017 a total of 
5126,50 was donated to the projekt called "Kältehilfe". This enabled 256 homeless people to spend a night in a warm and safe place.

And what does the Albrechtshof Hotels Group do with the donations during the warm season?

This summer, we supported a project of the City Mission called GEC (Gussower Elebnis (Experience) Camp) where children from financially weak families get the chance to spend their holidays at a summer camp. In 2017, a total of 3642.50 were donated by our guests at Albrechtshof Hotels. This allowed 125 children to spend their holidays at the GEC free of charge.

For this reason, we would like to thank all donours for their support!

Donations independent of staying at one of the Albrechtshof Hotels

Do you care about a certain project or the work of the Berlin City Mission in general and you would like to donate irrespective of a stay at one of the Albrechtshof Hotels?

Please feel free to make a donation to the City Mission under the keyword "A good deed in your sleep!".

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