Photo competition 2018

Take one - and action!

Did you have a good time during your stay at one of the Albrechtshof Hotels and did you take pictures? If so, you can easily win your next short trip to one of our hotels simply by sending your favorite photos in.

We are looking forward to your artistic creativity and keen eyes. It is your move to grab your camera and capture your most impressive and memorable moment at Usedom, Berlin or Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

How can I participate?

1. Visit one of our hotels in Berlin or Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

2. Take pictures of places, moments or adventures you have been enjoying during your stay at one of our hotels so others can share that special impression (of the hotel and its surrounding).

3. Send your picture with the keyword "photo competition" to marketing(at)albrechtshof-hotels(dot)de including some information to where, when etc. the picture was taken. You can also post it on our Facebook page:

Important information at a glance

  • Entry deadline: December 31, 2018
  • Image resolution: the higher the better
  • The picture's title should include the name of the hotel
  • Entry conditions | privacy policy: By participating and sending in your picture(s) you are declaring your consent to Albrechtshof Hotels to use those pictures for their media presence. Also, by participating you ensure the consent of any pictured person. It is possible to send more than one picture. There is no alternative reimbursement (no cash payment or other sort of substitution).

And here is what you can win:

1st prize

2 nights including breakfast for two people at one of our hotels in Berlin or Lutherstadt Wittenberg

2nd prize

1 night including breakfast for two at one of our hotels in Berlin or Lutherstadt Wittenberg

3rd prize

A voucher for one of our restaurants in Berlin or Lutherstadt Wittenberg of 50.00 €.

The winning pictures of 2017

1st place: Berlin Kreuzberg from Petra L.

Berlin Kreuzberg

3rd place: Assisi Panorama from Ulrich M.

Assisi Panorama

2nd place: Lutherstadt Wittenberg from Mr. G.

Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Impressions of previous entries

See view out from window
Globe on the town square of Lutherstadt Wittenberg
Usedom Forrest
Stranded ship at Heringsdorf beach
Rapeseed field overlooking the Baltic sea

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